What is Dianabol (methandrostenolone)?

CIBA first synthesized an anabolic androgenic steroid known as methandienone in 1955. Although Dianabol was originally intended for medical use by both bodybuilders and athletes. In the bodybuilding world, this steroid is mainly known under the trade name Dianabol or “D-bol”. Dianabol is often used to improve performance and strengthen the figure. This anabolic androgenic steroid is used by bodybuilders, lifters and lifters in weight gain cycles.
One of the reasons athletes use methandienone in bodybuilding is its high bioavailability. Dbol is metabolised by the liver and may be hepatotoxic if used carelessly. Overdose of dianabol can cause severe liver damage.

From a chemical point of view, a molecule of dianabol is nothing more than a molecule of testosterone with a carbon 2-double bond, which makes it less masculine, but retains its anabolic properties.

In addition, a methyl group is added at carbon 17 to allow it to undergo metabolism in the liver and then perform its functions.

Thus, oral dianabolols and even injectable dianabol anabolic agents are known as 17-year-olds.

Dianabol has an androgen ratio (male properties) of 40-60, so it has a low affinity for androgen receptors compared to testosterone.

How Do Dianabol Work?

The first thing you need to know is that buying genuine Dbol pills has fewer negative health effects than counterfeit products. Counterfeit Dbol products pose a greater health risk and can even be fatal.
After taking Dbol, the methandienone compound binds to androgen receptors (ARs) in the skeletal muscles. It causes a chemical reaction with the muscle cells’ DNA to stimulate glycogenolysis and protein synthesis in the muscle. skeletal muscle.

Benefits of Dianabol

Dianabol provides anabolic and androgenic effects to bodybuilders. However, the anabolic effects of Dbol far outweigh its androgenic properties.

  1. Increase skeletal muscle mass:
    Bodybuilders use the steroid Dianabol due to its strong anabolic effects. In addition, Dianabol is one of the best collection products. First, Methandienone increases the synthesis of proteins in skeletal muscle. This will lead to a rapid increase in your skeletal muscle mass.
  2. Increase in bone mass and muscle strength:
    Dianabol also increases bone mass while increasing muscle strength. Dianabol makes your muscles harder and stronger than before. This ensures less muscle damage, especially during intense training.
  3. Increased level of endurance, energy and endurance: With Dianabol you can increase your energy level. This methandienone increases the number of red blood cells, which causes oxygen-rich blood to flow into the skeletal muscles. Oxygen-rich blood, which flows through skeletal muscle tissue, significantly reduces the accumulation of lactic acid during intense exercise. In addition, endurance, energy and stamina will increase.
  1. Regrowth of skeletal muscle and rapid recovery from injury:
    Dbol helps you recover quickly after a muscle injury. Dianabol promotes increased protein synthesis in skeletal muscle. Increased protein synthesis will definitely increase your muscle mass and also stimulate the recovery of damaged muscle tissue.
    Many people choose Dianabol Oral Anabolic Steroids mainly for bodybuilding because it has a strong anabolic effect. Dianabol acts slowly when taken. Dianabol also increases metabolism, increases the number of red blood cells, and increases the body’s ability to store nitrogen. All of these characteristics are essential for successful muscle building.

How to use Dianabol

We take 2-5 tablets daily for 4-8 weeks, depending on the level of development. I do not recommend using it for more than 6 weeks.

Fortunately, the old rule is to take 1 tablet a day. No more 10 kg body weight.

Let’s take it in evenly distributed doses throughout the day, that is: if I have to take 4 tablets a day, not all 4 tablets for lunch, but 4 tablets each. We break the tablets so that they are absorbed faster. We take the tablets with food, never on an empty stomach.