When to start PCT

Post-cycle treatment can only be started when the blood level of steroids has dropped low enough. If PCT after long medication, e.g. With testosterone enanthate initiated early, the effect of this treatment is minimal. Enanthate “radiates” into the body for about another three weeks, which means that HHA cannot recover during this time.

So-called “steroid calculators”, such as Roidcalc, can be very useful in determining the onset time of PCT.

You can start PCT when the blood level of the medicine drops to 100 mg.

If you are a fan of long cycles of long-acting steroids, the best way is to end them with a 3-4 week “exit” in short programs. For example, after a 10-week course based on testosterone cypionate (800 mg / week), an additional 4 weeks of testosterone propionate (100 mg / day) is given, followed by PCT 2 days after the last propionate injection. Such an arrangement will help you to leave the course smoothly and start rehabilitation treatment almost immediately.

Discontinuation of methanol

The thing with steroids is that they only work by ingestion, which means we should take them for the rest of our lives so as not to complain of side effects. The above symptoms should be considered after discontinuation of methanol. Methanol is very toxic and easy to get addicted to. If we decide to take methanol regularly, we should know that our body is completely exhausted.

If we want to increase muscle strength and increase muscle mass, we will make it healthy. A well-balanced diet and regular physical exercise will definitely help us achieve the desired results. The effects of exercise are felt much faster in men than in women, so let’s think about whether we need a metabolite. You can work on muscle mass naturally and as much as possible. Natural methods or supplements can be used to increase muscle mass. It is worth discussing the topic with an experienced bodybuilder, personal trainer or doctor.

Metanabol – Intestines and PCT

Whether you are planning a cycle with methanol alone or want to combine it with other steroids, you will need to use additional medications to reduce the severity of the side effects and speed up recovery. Liver protection products may be useful during and after the cycle, and may be popular dietary supplements and over-the-counter medications containing artichoke extracts, l-ornithine aspartate, soy phospholipids and silymarin.

You can use clomiphene (Clomid) or tamoxifen (Nolvadex), which have antiestrogenic effects, to control the effect of gynecomastia. The latter measure can also be used after the end of the cycle to “interrupt” natural testosterone production (although methanol does not strongly block the pituitary-hypothalamic test axis and some users consider classic PCT cycles and low doses not necessary) when taking other steroids with methanol , but extended pharmacology is required.

It is also worth considering the purchase of supplements that have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system (omega 3, potassium, magnesium, garlic) and creatine, which can be used after the cycle to “maintain” the established effects.